Using the Cambo Monorail 4x5 in the field…...

I would like to start by telling you lugging this camera about in a backpack is not for the faint-hearted………..

After you get used to this camera, it’s a dream to use. Every movement is possible your rise/fall, tilt/shift front and back movements. It has it all, just what you would expect from a monorail view camera. The camera is sturdy, solid and basic to use. Ground glass is crisp and clear, focusing is smooth, knobs are easy to turn making this simple while under the dark cloth. Although best suited for the studio, apart from the weight its works well in the field if you haven’t got miles of walking to do low light and high winds. Well worth a look if you want to get into Large Format Photography and at the moment picking a good used one up is still cheap.

Testing the Cambo Monorail 4x5.

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