Updated: Sep 27, 2020

We all remember as a child travelling to the coast with the family on that long overdue holiday and the long awaited sight of the sea and sand dunes in the distance when arriving. This project took me back to those childhood days with my family and fond memories of climbing and running up and down the dunes on those (sometimes) warm sunny days in the Spring and Summer. The destination I chose was West Wittering in West Sussex, I have visited this location on numerous occasions and have began to class it has one on my favorite for Photography. The image you see is just one on many which are all photographed in black and white which most of my work is and now preferred. There is a mixture of digital and film images and i quite like having the option of both for my work more or less i'm getting the best of both Worlds. I will soon be adding another gallery to my website with the images from this project.

So please keep up to date with my blog for more on this project and even possibly a book to go with the project……….. To see more images from this Project click the link....https://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/portfolio-4

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